five ways to save on your wedding

The costs of weddings are going up and up and up, but couples budgets aren’t.  As such, we know that you’re looking for some great deals for your day.  Here’s five suggestions we have to help you spend less on your wedding!

1. Shop Around

Many couples go straight to The Knot, WeddingWire, Weddings.com, etc.  These sites can cost a significant amount for vendors to enroll in, so many more affordable vendors choose not to promote through them. There are numerous Facebook groups in every locality where vendors can promote themselves for free and frequently post deals to help peak your interest! 

2. Go Non-Traditional

Get married somewhere unique that doesn’t typically host weddings. They’re typically much more affordable as they don’t have the crazy up-pricing for wedding specific events. Wearing a dress not advertised as a wedding dress, or a short dress, will also be cheaper. Vendors know that people are willing to pay extra for their wedding than for a family event.  Another way to avoid the wedding up-charge is to elope and have a separate family celebration later! 

3. Thrift Shopping

In Minnesota we have Bride-to-be-Consignment stores that resell dresses, shoes, jewelry, centerpieces, decor, and anything else you can imagine needing for your wedding!  

If you’re not concerned about every centerpiece and every decoration being identical, more traditional Thrift Stores such as Goodwill or Savers, can be a great place to get similar items you can paint to match your colors. 

4. DIY (but only if you like it)

If you hate crafting, this isn’t the way to do it. However, if you like crafting, buying card stock to make paper flowers is much more affordable than buying pre-made paper flowers.  

5. hire a planner

Many of us have deals with other local vendors to help you save money and your sanity! Planners are also willing to go the extra mile to make sure that your day is as affordable to you as possible. 

Do you have any other ideas on saving money on your wedding? Let us know! 


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