The Dynamic Duo

two theater production specialists bring their passion for craftin’ & effortless organization to every event

At w00t weddings we have years of experience in theater, design, and event management. We have no limits for theme and are all inclusive for your personal, faith and religious needs. You can trust our dependable team to make your special day extra special in a way that only we can do. 

Call us at 651-331-6489 or 319-270-0234 for a FREE consultation.

Lizabe Mothershead (Owner and Planner)

w00t weddings is committed to providing you the best nerdy wedding possible! We’re here to take the details off your plate so you can focus on enjoying your big day!

Lizabe is your on-site coordinator, and she cannot wait to work with you.  She’s 100% committed to making sure your event speak to what’s important to you! Lizabe uses her super organizational skills and out-of-the-box thinking to celebrate her clients and what they’re passionate about, or “Nerdy” for.  

RaeEllen (Making Your Dream Come True)

RaeEllen comes to you as a proud nerd of 30+ years! She is a mother of one human baby and two fur babies. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games or binge watching the latest sci-fi show on Netflix. Her all-time favorite fandom is Doctor Who.

In 2014, she graduated from Western Illinois University with her MFA in Scenic Design. Her knowledge of pulling together a production combined with her love of all things nerdy will bring your special day the magic sparkle it deserves!

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