Awesome Anniversary Gift Idea

Cricut Star Wars Images make it easy to create a memorable anniversary gift for the Star Wars lover in your life. I created this frame as a pre-wedding anniversary gift for my then husband-to-be, Aaron. We recently tied the knot in April 2019. 

What you’ll need

I started with a frame from Goodwill, glitter paint, white paint, and of course my Cricut!

Step 1: Prep & Paint The frame

If your frame already has an image that’s stapled inside, you may need a flathead screwdriver to pry off the staples. I used silver glitter paint to make the frame look more exciting. You can use as many or as few paints as you want to personalize your frame.

Step 2: Get Your Graphics

While the frame dries, move onto the Cricut Design Space and purchase the Leia and Han Solo images ($1.99 each). If you can use card stock , or heavier weighted paper instead of printer paper. Normal paper is too light and won’t stay in place. You can cut them on the device to use as stencils. After the image is cut,  use a weeding tool to pull off excess pieces of paper, and a scissors to cut the two images apart. 

Step 3: Paint Your Graphics

Overlay them on the glass from the frame, and dab paint over them. You hand paint your message, or create additional text stencils. Also, feel free to add some of the glitter make the image more exciting!

Finishing Touches

Once dried,  use the weeding tool to carefully remove the stencil and reveal your new image! I added some blue behind the glass, put it and the cardboard back in the frame, used some painters tape to reattach the back, and it’s wonderful!

Happy crafting our nerdy friends!

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