choosing your wedding party

Choosing your proper Companions for your big day difficult decisions to make!

You don’t have to go gender specific

Traditionally you see wedding parties split with women on the bride’s side and  men on the groom’s side, but we all have friends all across the gender spectrum! If your bestie or sibling is of the opposite gender, there’s no reason they can’t be on your side of the aisle!


The memories of your wedding – and the photos – will be with your forever. If you’re on good terms with your siblings, start there. Next, look at your long-term close friends and cousins. If your friendship is already old enough to drive, it will probably be around another 16 years!


The people you choose to have in your wedding are standing up not just in support of you but in support of your Marriage! If they don’t support your relationship, they don’t need to be standing up with you.


You know your family and friends.  You know which ones will drive you crazy. You know which ones will help.  If you want to have someone involved but spending all of the day with them just won’t do, there’s plenty of other ways to include them in the wedding than having them in your wedding party.

how many attendants should we have?

However many you want! However… you should keep in mind a few things: 
  • You need to feed them all.  Possibly two meals. 
  • You have to have room for them all up front. 

Don’t Have it Figured Out Yet?

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