Computer Keyboard Vase

If you’re a computer nerd, or just in love with one, this vase is a great starting point for a digital, or tech/robot themed wedding!

What You’ll Need

I started with a cleaned glass bottle, and two used keyboards from a pawn shop. Also,  screw driver, reflective washi tape, and glow sticks. 

Step 1: Remove Keys from Keyboard

I took the keys off the keyboards with a flat-head screw driver

Step 2: Get The Glue!

I used hot glue to attach the keys onto the front of the bottle. For a more permanent attachment, epoxy or KrazyGlue will do the trick!

step 3: Disguise & Shine

Once the letters were attached, I added reflective washi tape to the top in order to hide the the fact that it’s a tea bottle. I also added a weave pattern, but you could apply the tape diagonally, or straight across. The idea is to give the vase a metallic look, like a futuristic technological work of art!

Finishing Touches

Finally, I added some glow sticks! And here we go! Alternatively, you could use something like this for Table numbers or to add words instead of covering the whole bottle!

Happy Crafting Our Nerdy Friends!!

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