Easy themed centerpieces

Terrariums are a fun and easy way to create unique themed centerpieces for your wedding!

what you need

The most basic items you need for a terrarium are as follows: 

  • a container. You can use mason jars, a cloche, a vase or other jars specifically intended for terrraiums like these here – https://amzn.to/2X1TGhY.
  • Real or fake plants. Succulents seem to work best. 
  • Base layer – based on what plants you are using. 
  • Fun characters, etc to really theme it! 

add some base filler

If you’re working with real plants, you’re much more limited on what to put in here, as I decided to work without flowers, I used a base layer I found in the miniatures section at Michael’s.

add Your Elements

This is the time to plant your flowers, add in your miniatures and really make it shine on the inside! As you can see I’ve chosen to focus on Mulan as my imagery, so I have a bridge, a horse and a statue! 

Finish off with External Decorations

Happy Crafting Our Nerdy Friends

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