Finding Your Nerdy Elements

Available at YeaOhGreetings Etsy page!

Not into DIY? There are lots of places to look for elements that will match what you’re looking for!


Available on the GuestBookCrafts Etsy page!

Etsy is full of fun nerdy items made by crafters around the world! You can get personalized items of all shapes and sizes to match your needs.  If you don’t see exactly what you want, but you see a style you like, many sellers will work with you to help create a unique item that meets your standards!


This one you may need to be a little careful with. Make sure you research the seller’s background.  If they do cosplay, the product is probably extremely close to screen-accurate and in great condition!


If you’re heading to a convention, check out the artist room and the dealer space! If you’re not, don’t spend the money on a ticket as well as the items.  Most cons will list their vendors on their website with links to the seller’s website! 

Hire Someone

Photo by Christa Reed Photography

Companies like ours will help design and create exactly what you want!  Your imagination is the only limit!

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