How To Theme Your Wedding

The most common concern we get from potential clients is “I could never have a theme for my wedding!” — WRONG! 

In fact, every wedding has a theme; it’s usually done out by color or even simply following traditional guidelines. Our professional experience is here to guide you through how to properly theme a wedding. While we specialize in nerdy themed weddings, keep in mind, everyone is a nerd for something! The following topics can be individually incorporated into your wedding or all of them to make it truly unique to your passions.

1. Your centerpiece

The centerpiece is one of the easiest ways to add a little bit of you (your theme) to your wedding. By itself, this does not take away from any other element of your wedding and your guests can enjoy seeing a little bit of your personality on their table. They may not be up close to the wedding party table and this gives them a piece of you while enjoying their dinner.

2. the invites

How cute is this!? What a fun way to incorporate a theme into your wedding. Your guests will get to see a sneak peak at what lies ahead from the invitation. This may be the only part of your wedding that you theme, but let me tell you, it’s super fun and your guests will love it. Theming your invitations is not only exciting for you, it gets your guests excited too! (…and more likely to RSPV)

3. the wedding favors

Like the centerpiece this is a good way to add in the fun of a theme without overwhelming your guests. This is a little gift you are giving your guests for sharing your day with you, why not make it about you! There are several ways you can theme up your favors and we will certainly help you along the way. Favors are fun to make and if you can personalize them with your theme, they are more likely to stick around in your guest’s homes when the party is over.

4. the cakes

This is probably the most commonly themed item for a wedding and most people don’t even realize it. We’ve all seen the cake and baking shows on TV, we all know you can pretty much do ANYTHING with a cake. Our local bakers are ready to help make you a cake that fits your wildest dreams. Your vendor will love any challenge you throw at them and your guests will love seeing a cake that looks like something other than a cake!

5.the outfit

Who didn’t love playing dress-up when they were younger?! As stated serval times before, “Your day, Your way!” There are so many different ways to theme up your wedding dress or tux and you can go all out with a replica of Princess Zelda’s final dress from Link to the Past or something as simple as wearing TARDIS blue chucks to show off that your are a whovian. No matter how much or little you want to do, we will help you get there.

"The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."
~Ayn Rand

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