Ideas For Memorable Wedding Favors

When you go to a wedding the couple usually gives each guest a favor to take with them as a “Thank you!” sharing in their special day. Do you take yours home? If you do, what do you do with it? Does it go in the trash? Does it sit on the table for awhile and go in a box?

Choosing Favors Guests Will Love

Fast-Forward to your wedding plans, and budget…. When you’re looking through favor options, you want to take a few things into consideration: will people keep it? Is it personalized to your day? How much will it cost you? How does it affect the environment if it is thrown out? What will you do with extras? 

Below, you’ll find a list of favors that are affordable, environmentally friendly, and personal. 

1. Donate To Charity

In honor of your guests, donate a certain amount to a charity that you support. It can be written on the bottom of your program, or on a sign at the gift table, so that you aren’t adding additional paper to each and every guest. You can set the amount you donate; but we recommend $1-$5. 

2. Mixtape

A mix of the important songs from your wedding, or the couples favorite songs, is a wonderful keepsake for each couple to take with them. If you’re tech savvy, find a way to make this is a download.

3. Plant Life

Another idea is to give your guests packets of seeds or small plants This is something that will live on for your guests in their home! We recommend getting plants that can be either internally or externally grown in order to have it be something that all guests can enjoy at home. 

4. Coupons

Give your guest a coupon to local, or online retailers! This shouldn’t cost you anything, and lets your guest choose what they want! This would be especially cool if it’s a retailer you used decor, jewelry, etc on your big day. 

5. Something Venue-specific

Getting married at an arcade? Supply some quarters or tokens so your guests can go enjoy the venue! Getting married at a zoo? Arrange a special rate for your guests to be able to enjoy the zoo, or donate to the conservation fund. 

6. Nothing

There is absolutely no reason you need to give your guests a favor. You’re already buying them dinner, dessert, a DJ, possibly booze, and an amazing night out. Put that money towards something fun for you!

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