Deeper Look: Mario

Join us as we look closer at the characters of Mario.  

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First seen in Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario began life as a nameless carpenter whose aim was to save his lady – Pauline.  The Mario Bros game saw his evolution into the plumber we know and love.  He has now appeared in over 200 games. 


Mario’s younger fraternal twin, Luigi first appeared in the 1983 Mario Bros arcade game. Luigi was originally designed as a direct palette swap for Mario as the game moved into the dual player mode.  He developed his own taller look and personality in the years following.

Princess Peach 

Princess Peach first appears in Super Mario Bros as Princess Toadstool (at least in America).  Peach regularly gets kidnapped by Bowser, and we get to spend the majority of hours we spend playing Mario games rescuing the princess.  


Also known as King Koopa, Bowser is the main Bad Guy in the Mario universe. He’s first seen in Super Mario Bros kidnapping Princess Peach. He is an NPC for most story based games, but if you love Bowser you can actually play as him for Mario Party and Mario Kart! 

donkey kong

While we currently see Donkey Kong as a character in the Mario Universe, the DK games actually appeared first! Donkey Kong bounces back and forth between hero and villain depending on what game you’re playing.  He is strong and powerful, no matter what! 

Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy was introduced in the Super Mario Land game in 1989.  She is a recurring character, but isn’t available in every game. While canonically she is viewed as dating Luigi, Nintendo has not confirmed this connection.  
This is just a snapshot! Who is your favorite character? 

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