Origin stories

We Are The Nerds You Are Looking For

The Beginning 

Lizabe and RaeEllen started their adventure together at Coe College in the theatre department. They both had a knack for design, taking all of their theatre classes together and were both busy builders in the scene shop. Eventually Lizabe went off to master the wizardry that is Stage Management and RaeEllen refined her skills as a designer. 

After both had graduated, the two took on a great adventure, the greatest adventure a young artist could imagine: New York City! The days were filled with coffee shops and working for various small theatre companies; it was an experience that helped them grow and become more defined in their art. Alas, Lizabe moved back to the Twin Cities to pursue her Stage Managing and RaeEllen went on to gain her MFA in Scenic Design; all the while, still staying in contact and visiting each other.

the w00t life

A few years go by and a spark of inspiration suddenly hits Lizabe! As she is helping a friend with her wedding as she is a masterful Stage Manager, she realized she could do this as a career! RaeEllen hears of this new business and jumps for joy because she loves designing for the stage and what else is a wedding if not one of the greatest stages! Their love of nerdy things and making people happy morphed into the concept of w00t weddings and they are here to help fellow nerds make their wedding as epic as possible.

Lizabe and RaeEllen love working with couples combining their nerdoms as they combine their lives. They are here to help you either combine Firefly, Star Trek and Star Wars into something fabulous and beautiful!  ….. or….. to help make sure your partner doesn’t accidentally combine the three without knowing…. or adds in quotes from your least favorite Trek iteration.

RaeEllen: Warm and Bubbly

Fandom: Dr. Who
Superhero: Dr. Strange
Trek or Wars: Do I really have to pick? (I literally can’t and you can’t make me!)
Disney Character: Tinkerbell 
Book: Ender’s Game
DnD: Psionic Warrior, Goliath, Chaotic Good
Quote: “even a broken clock is correct twice a day”

Lizabe: Fun and Loving

Fandom: Harry Potter
Superhero: Captain Marvel 
Trek or Wars: Wars
Disney Character: Mulan 
Book: Anything Stephen King 
DnD: Rogue, Fey Knight, Lawful Neutral
Quote: “be awesome”

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