So you want to theme your wedding

4 Easy Steps to Theming Your Wedding

Step 1: Choose A Theme…. or 2

Marriage is the joining of two lives, and as a symbol of your marriage, you wedding should be too! If you and your partner aren’t nerdy about the same things, you can combine them into one amazing day! You can combine the two into one amazing experience, or do the ceremony in one theme and the reception as the other! 

Step 2: Determine How Nerdy

Are you going to wear an exact replica of Princess Leia’s dress at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope? Is your partner going to wear rebel alliance cuff links?  Either level is completely acceptable depending on what look you’re wanting.  Here at w00t we work very hard to determine where on the spectrum you want your wedding to fall!

Step 3: Design!

Now that you’ve decided what theme you want, and how intense your theme will shine through, it’s time for our favorite part… DESIGNING IT! Decide what you want your wedding party to wear, what your backdrop is for the ceremony, you centerpieces, etc etc. This is really one of the joys of wedding planning! 

Step 4: Create

Now is the time to do the work. Buy what you need to buy and start assembling.  Can’t find what you want pre-made? Get to crafting! Hate crafting? Hire us to do it for you! 

Step 5: Implement 

Your day is here! Get your tables set, pick up your flowers, and Suit Up!  

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