The Legal Side of Marriage - MN

The wedding is just the kick-off for your marriage! So… what do you need to do to legally get there? Let me show you how to just so in Minnesota!

Step 1 : Apply for a license

You can do this on site, or you print it online and fill it out ahead of time. Make sure you don’t sign ahead of time, as the signatures need to be witness at the window. 

Step 2: Apply at the registrar’s office

You will need to bring your application form, your partner, both of your state IDs or passports, and proof of any previous marriages and the terminations of said marriages either by death or divorce, including dates.      

The fee in Minnesota is $115.00, unless you go through 12 hours of premarital counseling and get an Educators Statement. With the statement, the fee will be reduced to $40.00.   **check your county’s guidelines for acceptable payment forms**

Step 3: Sign! 

Sign the form at the window and wait for them to process your application and prepare the license! You can leave with it today.

Step 4: The Ceremony!

After the ceremony, your officiant and the witnesses will sign the paperwork, and you will officially be Official! Your officiant should send the paperwork into the county you were licensed in.  Ramsey County even gives you an addressed envelope to make it easier!

Step 5: Wait 

Wait to get your license in mail and enjoy married life! 

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