upcycle your wedding

Also a DIY Beer Bottle Centerpiece!

Why Should I Use Every Day Items?

Photo Courtesy of Christa Reed Photography

Weddings often include items you purchase and only use once for the event. As such, they’re frequently quite over priced, and tend to get thrown away in the days following. A great way to save money and help the environment is to upcycle every day items to use in your wedding!  

Where Can I Get Items to Upcycle?

Your Recycling Bin

Some of the easiest items to upcycle for your wedding are glass bottles.  If you’re already going to drink them, just clean them out right away and hold onto them. You can use them whole, or cut them down, to use as decorations, centerpieces, invitations, or favors!  

PS – non-round bottles are very much NOT easy to cut down.

Thrift Stores

We have found great items at Goodwill to use in weddings – trays, a retro suitcase for a card box, unique items for guests books, etc. 

Your Parents’ Basement

You never know what you might find! 

 How to Make a Beer bottle centerpiece

Step 1: Drink the Beer

So you probably want to use beer you like. 

Step 2: Clean Out The Bottles


If you want to take the labels off, do that now. I chose to leave them on, because I think that makes it just a little bit more personal. If you are removing labels, start by soaking the bottles in soapy water for about 20 minutes. If they don’t pull off easily after that, you can use rubbing alcohol or goo gone to help!

Step 3: Glue the Bottles Together 

I recommend hot glue, but you can pick your favorite sticky substance. 

Step 4: Deck Them Out! 

making them look fantastic

Add ribbons and lace to the outside of the bottles. Get flowers and feathers to put in the bottles – the Dollar Tree has decent ones of basic colors! 

You’ve successfully used beer bottles to make your centerpieces. All it took was drinking some beer, and some very basic DIY fun! 

Voile! A simple yet beautiful centerpiece for your beer themed wedding! 

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