what your wedding party needs from you

Making sure your wedding party has everything they need ahead of time will help make your day go much more smoothly! 


Providing your wedding party with clear direction will help you get less questions as the day approaches.  As soon as you are certain, send out information on clothing requirements, hotels, and anything else that will help them prepare. Remember that if you’re doing specific clothing, ordering and alterations take time! One of the great things about how social media works currently, is you can easily set up a group chat, or a Facebook group in order to get information to everyone in a timely fashion. 

A timeline

Photo by Christa Reed Photography

OK, this may just be an extension of information, BUT it’s very important that your peeps have a strong understanding of where they need to be and when, unless you want to feel like you’re herding cats. It will also give those from out of town the ability to make better decisions when it comes to their travel plans. 

A gift?

It is traditionally expected that the couple present their wedding party with gifts. Personally, I have found my favorite to give and receive are something that they will need for the wedding – such as ties, socks, or jewelry. Along with, or instead of that, you could also go with any number of cool options.  Tote bags, bottle openers, or flasks are all fun ideas!  

your love 

They are there to help you have the best day EVER. They are doing you a favor not the other way around.  Make sure they feel loved! 

And mostly, have a fabulous wedding day!

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